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Our Croydon explores experiences and ideas of community archiving and storymaking across generations, reflecting on how people make a place. Together, members of the community and commissioned artists have been defining what shared heritage and personal legacy means to them.

Exhibitions at Croydon Clocktower Atrium Galleries, Stanley Arts, Talawa Theatre and Turf Projects will feature a new photography and text installation by actor, poet and artist Jeremiah Brown, a new audio installation by composer and sound designer felix taylor and a film made in collaboration with elders from Croydon’s Caribbean community made by poetic-activist, drama therapist and performer, Nina Mdwaba.

Workshops, talks and events include a Talk and Theatre Workshop at Talawa Studios by Rachael Nanyonjo - Co-Creator and Director of Recognition and
a listening and scoremaking workshop with Our Croydon commissioned artist felix taylor.

Our Croydon is a series of transdisciplinary exhibitions and events that incorporate archival practices, film/moving image, photography, sound, text and performance that celebrate the wonder and surprise embedded in the stories of the everyday of living and working in Croydon.

Our Croydon was a project led by Talawa Theatre Company in partnership with Museum of Croydon and Stanley Arts, part of London Borough of Culture.

For enquiries, email contact@talawa.com