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by Nina Mdwaba, at Talawa Studio

Legacy is a new commission by Nina Mdwaba and in collaboration with elders from Croydon’s Caribbean community.

“What is my Legacy?” has been a through line since the formation of a twelve week group project with elders from the Association of Jamaicans and friends, the Our Croydon Elders. This question and provocation evolved into the creation of this short documentary film which includes stories told and untold, drawing upon archival mediums including music, image making and poetry, all explored with the Our Croydon Elders.

The film pays homage to the participants who so graciously gave their time and vulnerability over the course of the project. Legacy documents their hopes of leaving a legacy behind as Afro-Caribbeans living, working and sharing space in Croydon, for future generations to witness.
Nina Mdwaba says: ‘Legacy captures the essence of the community we created together - including the laughter, wisdom and vulnerability we shared around our imaginary fire.’

This 25 minute film provides a space for the participants' stories to become an archival piece of history by documenting their time on the project. It asks as many questions as it answers, and platforms the legacies of these wonderful Caribbean Elders living, working and inhabiting this remarkable place called Croydon.

Legacy was presented at Talawa Studio, Fairfield Halls, Croydon from 16 November - 1 December 2023.

A special screening and talk with filmmaker Nina Mdwaba and the Our Croydon Elders took place on 17 November 2023 at Talawa Studio.

Image Credit: Nina Mdwaba

Our Croydon was a project led by Talawa Theatre Company in partnership with Museum of Croydon and Stanley Arts, part of London Borough of Culture.

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