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three + a silence for croydon by felix taylor at Turf Projects 

three + a silence for croydon is a new installation by felix taylor, developed through collaborating with a community of Jamaican elders on different ways to explore, record and celebrate their legacies as Black Croydonians of a culturally unique generation. Based on these workshops and taking inspiration from the second movement of the Clarinet Quintet by Croydonian composer Samuel Coleridge Taylor, felix has composed a piece for clarinet, violin, cello and electronics which is a mix of written notation, graphic score created by the elders and improvisational instructions. The composition aims to create a space to reflect on the beauty of Croydon, its deep history and the people in it. The piece was performed and recorded by players from Chineke! Orchestra and was presented as a 5 channel sound as sculpture installation at Turf Projects.

felix says: “The personal stories, energy and wisdom that was shared between our community project workshop group alongside our joint explorations of legacy and the Croydonian composer Samuel Coleridge Taylor have become the basis of a short musical composition for clarinet, violin, cello and electronics. This music will become the centre of an installation at Turf Projects in the Whitgift Centre. I hope the overall experience of the exhibition can serve as a small portrait of the diasporic community I’ve met here, their journeys, their lives and their histories.”
three + a silence for croydon was performed by players from Chineke! Orchestra

Eve Abiodun, violin
David Kadumukasa, cello
Isha Crichlow, clarinet

Recording and installation assistance from Joseph June Bond.

Creative guidance and ensemble arrangement assistance from Rowland Sutherland.

three + a silence for croydon is felix taylor’s first solo exhibition.
three + a silence for croydon was presented at Turf Projects, Whitgift Centre, Croydon from 25 November - 14 December 2023

A listening & scoremaking with artist felix taylor took place on 9 December 2023 at Turf Projects.

Image Credit: Lola Oh and Sam Nightingale

Our Croydon was a project led by Talawa Theatre Company in partnership with Museum of Croydon and Stanley Arts, part of London Borough of Culture.

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